Get your proposal in – 5 panels on Education and Glocalization, EISA 2018

Next EISA conference, Prague, between 12-15 Sept, 2018

Section title:  ‘The ‘glocalized’ nature of education’s role in mediating social and political change around the world’.

Keele’s Dr Sally Findlow and Dr Aneta Hayes are inviting empirically grounded (current and historical) papers that explore the interlinked processes of heterogenization, homogenization, transfer and borrowing of educational policy and ideas, and the context-specific ways these have contributed to restructuring society at critical moments of change.

This section will be divided into 5 panels as follows:

1)    Policy (main focus on who the sharing/transfer/fusion/borrowing actors are, vested interests and the politics of ownership)

2)    Processes (main focus on the mechanics of sharing/transfer/fusion/borrowing)

3)    Products (main focus on the outcomes of these interests and processes, including but not limited to curriculum and evaluative measures such education~work transition)

4)    Sub-political & critical pedagogy (main focus on the reclaiming of the right to define agendas and make political decisions, of the counter-hegemonic creation of alternative policy and political spaces)

5)    ‘Feminist’ (main focus on forms of structural inequality and empowerment of marginalised groups)


The deadline for submitting proposals is 1 Feb 2018. The proposal should include a title and an abstract of 250 words. For more information please go to the link below.


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