‘The ‘glocalized’ nature of education’s role in mediating social and political change around the world’–Section at 12th Pan-European Conference on International Relations

Keele’s Dr Sally Findlow and Dr Aneta Hayes have secured a section entitled ‘The ‘glocalized’ nature of education’s role in mediating social and political change around the world’ at this year’s 12th Pan-European Conference on International Relations to be held in September in Prague.

More information can be found here:


Within and across the five themed panels within this section, discussion will focus broadly on:

  • the selective drawing on global concepts, networks and capital and circumventing local constraints
  • countries undergoing political and economic transition, where the impacts of embedded structural inequalities and longstanding and extensive educational borrowing can be seen relatively clearly
  • the spatial and temporal limitations of borrowing, and the unpredictability of outcomes of context-specific fusions
  • insights into new, non-combative, ways of managing policy, cultural and ideational conflict through these means.

This meeting in Prague should be an exciting opportunity to build emerging collaborations around this area, and is intended to lead to a special issue after the conference.

The deadline for submitting proposals is 1 Feb 2018. The proposal should include a title and an abstract of 250 words.  Submission guidelines are here:


Section 15-2 copy


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